Sporting 2+2 INFINITI Concept foreshadows third-generation coupe due in 2016


DETROIT -- On display in Infiniti's booth at the 2015 Detroit auto show is the newly unveiled Q60 concept, a very thinly veiled preview of a sport coupe of the same name which will be announced sometime in 2016.

The coupe formerly known as the G37 will feature a new look that blends the muscular, curvaceous body with sharp, angular aerodynamics inspired by the Q50 Eau Rouge concept, which itself debuted at last year's Detroit show. Those cross-shopping the current crop of premium/luxury sport coupes will no doubt notice that the new style and silhouette isn't totally dissimilar to BMW's new 4 Series -- with which the Q60 directly competes -- but the Infiniti concept is much more dramatically sculpted.

Date Posted: June 15, 2015

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